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We at Breathing Space Wellness are committed to providing a full range of services, delivered by fully trained facilitators with the sole intention of improving the overall wellbeing of you and your workplace.



We often run 60 minute workshops for clients in order to further expand on wellness principles and to explore their many benefits on a deeper level. We can consult with you directly on what might be suitable and create a unique event for you in your work place.


There are many misconceptions around meditation and mindfulness that often lead to confusion or apprehension about trying these practices. This workshop looks to clear up the confusion, simplify the teaching and look at the many direct benefits of meditation and mindfulness. Often including a guided session and a Q&A.



Did you know breathing directly affects your wellbeing? The depth, location and rhythm of the breath will dictate the state of your nervous system and your response to stress. By learning some very simple exercises we can begin to access and change our state of body and mind. Leading to more energy, creativity, and a sense of calm and clarity. In this workshop we explore the breath and our daily breathing habits and learn to re-train ourselves to breathe more efficiently.



Have you ever noticed how many people walk around London looking down at their phones? In this workshop we encourage people to look up and use their phones to capture images of London. Whilst Walking around we notice textures, patterns, shapes and colours. We create wonderful images from simply paying attention to the subtleties of this great city. Through this practice we begin to experience our surroundings in a new and exciting way. You don’t have to be a photographer or have an eye for a great shot in order to experience the art of seeing.



"I greatly look forward to Michael's visits each week. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to stop and recharge during my working day."

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to meditate at work. The guidance is so easy to follow and in minutes I find myself relaxed and focused."

"Every week I need to drag myself away from the desk to join the meditation and every week I remember how important it is that I did. Thanks."

"Breathing Space has allowed me to access a capacity for new-found creativity at work. I'm also grateful for the noticeable increase in my overall sense of well-being."

"My working week has been transformed by the introduction of meditation into the office. A huge thank you to Michael and Breathing Space."


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Just some of the many benefits of a well-rounded wellness programme.

Stress Reduction

This is probably the most obvious, and well known benefit of the services we provide. These practices allow us some much needed breathing space in our otherwise busy lives. In turn this can begin to create space in our minds and lives to distinguish what is important and what is not: to gain some perspective which allows for less of a stressed response when faced with difficulty.From a physiological angle, meditation slows the heart rate, which helps the body and mind relax. It also activates the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for calming you.

General Wellbeing

Of course, it cannot be overstated that a happy and healthy worker is far more productive. Companies are finding that the mental and physical state of their workers directly affects their bottom line. Some even reporting significant drops in the rate of sick days taken by their employees.

Decision Making

Decision making is very important in any work environment. Meditation, in clearing some of the clutter in the mind, allows new and creative ways of problem solving to arise. It also allows for better clarity in decision making and judgement calls. Far less are we driven by emotional responses, instead making clear and decisive calls when required due to our reduction of the overriding stress responses that tend to impair our mental function.

Interpersonal Skills

Meditation can increase our ability to listen and be present with other people. We become more attuned to body language and small gestures, this allows us to better connect with others. Whether this be with clients or colleagues. People tend to respond positively when they feel they are being listened to and acknowledged. It also allows us to respond less reactively to any conflict or disagreements that may arise, giving us space to respond more appropriately and efficiently.


It might sound strange but we have lost sight of what it is to rest deeply. Our down time is often equally as stimulating as the rest of our lives. Even our sleep is limited or disturbed in some way due to the stresses of work. Studies have shown that using meditation we can begin to rest deeply. This can allow the body to heal and activate certain systems that may be strained or compromised in some way. Through this relaxation we learn what it is to completely rest and experience the many benefits.

A Sense of Purpose

Through meditation and mindfulness we can develop clarity on what our true purpose might be and how best to achieve our goals and visions for life. To that end, our work each day becomes more significant and meaningful, and we radiate a passion and creativity that inspires. In being more present we can put into motion the necessary means by which to strive towards our ideals for a better life.


Creativity can be encouraged through meditation. Practicing mindfulness and meditation can enhance observational skills as well as awareness. It has been shown in studies that these attributes tend to be present in highly creative people and may be essential to the ability to act out in new and creative ways.


Mindfulness and meditation have been endorsed by some of our most inspirational and successful leaders in business. From Steve Jobs to Anna Huffington to Larry Brilliant. Some of the worlds biggest companies encourage such practices in the workplace in order to boost many of the traits required to succeed.


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